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Game of Thrones
If there’s something worse than a lackadaisical ending that leaves people unsatisfied and seems to argue for a very lazy bit of writing it’s a tease that won’t ever come to fruition since according to Ana Dumaraog of ScreenRant there is in fact a secret alternate ending to Game of Thrones. This of course would likely come as a shock to a lot of loyal fans that were up in arms over how the series finally ended considering that Daenerys went into a vengeful mode that might not have been as devastating if not for Drogon still being up and able to decimate nearly all of King’s Landing. Just think if his brothers had been with him, the city would have been razed without Jon Snow’s forces ever needing to set foot inside. Since the series ended months ago a lot of fans haven’t been able to let go as they’ve continued to offer ideas that could have been better and have even been heard to rant and rave about the true motivations behind this move or that one that might have better explained the betrayal and the eventual outcome of the entire ....

In any case it doesn’t seem as though it could do much more than shine a light on something that people haven’t seen yet, as the showrunners have moved on and George R.R. Martin hasn’t even finished the series as of yet. That last part could be why some people are still holding out hope that there might be a way to set things right and create an ending that didn’t feel so rushed, but the hope in that is pretty weak since even with the idea that Martin’s books will offer a different ending, the show has been released, it’s over, done, finito, ended, wrapped and cut. The fact that people didn’t like it doesn’t change the fact and an alternate ending at this point would likely be called non-canon anyway, so it’s kind of a moot point. If it is the cast just goofing around and creating something silly it would be kind of fun to see and even if it is something that takes the show in a different direction it’s still something that you can’t help but think would be enough for the many naysayers to form a petition about in order to get the last ....

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