Everything We Know About HBO’s Game of Thrones Prequel, House of the Dragon – TV Guide

Game of Thrones
Games of Thrones may have wrapped at HBO, but the network is still expanding the world of George R. R. Martin's beloved A Song of Ice and Fire saga. With several projects in the works at HBO, including Targaryen-centric prequel House of the Dragon, it looks like we won't be leaving Westeros anytime soon. Though one prequel series starring Naomi Watts has been scrapped, fans will still get to dive back into Martin's vivid world of dragons, mad kings, and epic betrayals with House of the Dragon, which has already been ordered to series. While details on the project remain scarce, here's what we know so far about the forthcoming show. Everything We Know About HBO Max, WarnerMedia's New Streaming Service It's all about the Targaryens. Set 300 years before the events in Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon is based on Martin's novel Fire & Blood, which chronicles the first 150 years of the white-haired family. .

A planned second book covering the remaining history leading up to Robert Baratheon's rebellion will offer up plenty of material for potential future seasons or spin-offs. The first season will be 10 episodes. Much like most seasons of Game of Thrones, Season 1 of House of the Dragon will consist of 10 episodes. The project has enlisted some Game of Thrones greats behind the scenes. The series was co-created by George R. R. .

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