Game of Thrones clears up Brienne and Jaime final season mystery –

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones appears to have cleared up a lingering mystery about Jaime Lannister's motivations when he left Brienne of Tarth. In the final season episode 'The Last of the Starks', Jaime sleeps with Brienne, before abandoning her almost immediately to go back to sister Cersei. The moment left many fans confused (among other aspects of season eight) as it seemed to suggest that Jaime slept with Brienne knowing full well that he would return to his sister. Helen Sloan/HBO However, the script from the episode seems to have shed some more light on what was going on in Jaime's head. During the scene where the pair sleep in bed together after sex, the directions state (via Insider): "Brienne sleeps the sleep of the happily drunk and devirginized. Jaime can't sleep, however. He just helped save the world. So why does he feel like a traitor?" "Drunk and divirginized" aside (eurgh), the directions suggest that Jaime realises in that moment that his loyalties are with Cersei and he cannot let her die alone. Sky Meanwhile, a new saga in the infamous coffee cup blunder has unfolded in the past few ....

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