Game of Thrones: Huge secret behind Night King’s terrifying appearance revealed – Express

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones began with just a number of elaborate costumes and one rogue wight to terrorise viewers. By the end of season eight viewers could indulge upon dragons, White Walkers, and Stone Men. Behind all of the designs and prosthetics of these creatures was Prosthetics Designer and Supervisor Barrie Gower. recently acquired an exclusive video clip from HBO which shows off Barrie’s work throughout the show. The video shows Barrie and his extensive team putting together the many creatures seen in Game of Thrones throughout the years. One of the most prominent designs shown off is that of the Night King (played by Vladimir Furdik), and his wights. However Barrie did go on to explain how tough the job is, in the video. READ MORE: Game of Thrones Prequel: HBO cancelled Bloodmoon in fear it would ‘alienate’ viewers? READ MORE Game of Thrones plot hole: Melisandre’s disappearance explained? He said: “Just on average a prosthetic make up takes four to six weeks to build. “We have so many patient actors that sit in our chair for four, to six, to eight hours at a time. “So by the time we ....

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