Game of Thrones: Jon Snow DEAD in Winds of Winter? George RR Martin drops wolf bombshell – Express

Game of Thrones
Fans were delighted when Chalk Media released a new 45 minute interview with the American fantasy author today. George RR Martin is best known for writing the hugely-popular novel series and prompting the television adaptation series Game of Thrones, but much of the new recording saw the author discuss elements of his private life. Throughout the interview the writer still decided to share some tidbits with his book fans, and one major one included Jon Snow. Related articles Game of Thrones: The King director ‘COPIED’ Battle of the Bastards A Dream of Spring: Bran's actions in Battle of Winterfell in REVEALED? After talking about Martin’s continued support of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in the US, the interviewer asked the author what drew him to the animal. “Because it seems like you have a passion for them, ” they said, and it’s true, Martin has a particular penchant for the furry creatures in his books, especially when it comes to one household. The Starks in particular have a deep connection to the animal, as all the children were born with their own family dire wolf. “I like their ferocity, ” ....

“I’ve tried to make that point in Game of Thrones and that will come back to it in later books. Game of Thrones: George RR Martin is still writing Winds of Winter (Image: GETTY) “You know, when winter comes, the cold winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. “And human beings need to keep that in mind, too. “We all need each other. We all need packs, " he added. Fans took to Reddit to discuss the new comments, and one took Martin’s words to mean there was death to come for one of the series’ major characters. Related articles Game of Thrones: Only scene from pilot not axed revealed Game of Thrones: Why did original Night King star Richard Brake leave mrimlaseandana**hole speculated: “So Jon's dead next winter then. He and Ghost were forced out by the pack. “Although maybe being a fire wight might help?” Others were convinced the comments referred more to Arya Stark’s future instead. “This seems to indicate that Arya will come back to her life as a Stark, ” FoxsNetwork said. “And that line will be meaningful to ....

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