‘Grey’s Anatomy’: 5 Biggest Shockers From the Season 16 Midseason Finale – Variety

Grey's Anatomy
Spoilers: Do not read the following unless you have watched the season 16 mid-season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy, ” titled “Let’s All Go to the Bar.”The always-dramatic “Grey’s Anatomy” made sure to ramp up the action for its Season 16 mid-season finale. Not only has Meredith Grey’s love life just gotten potentially more complicated, but Miranda Bailey suffered an immense loss and Maggie Pierce came to a tough decision. See below for the biggest moments from the show. An appearance (by proxy) from Dr. Cristina Yang / The introduction of McWidow Sandra Oh’s beloved character didn’t appear on-screen, but she did send Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) a “special package” to congratulate her for facing the medical board. Grey subsequently spent the majority of the episode searching for the package, only to realize at the end of the episode that it was actually the new Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Dr. Hayes (Richard Flood). Yang called him McWidow because he had lost his wife to a medical condition. .

The pair didn’t seem to get off to a great start, despite Yang’s machinations. “Who hired you? Bailey usually has too much sense to hire surgeons whose egos are too big to fit into an ER, ” Grey told him. At the end, however, it seemed the two had at least called a truce. “Welcome back, Doctor Grey, ” Hayes told her. “I can see why you’re missed.” Bailey’s miscarriage As Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), whose pregnancy was revealed in the Oct. .

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