Stranger Things season 4: What does the premiere episode title mean? –

Stranger Things
The creators of Stranger Things have revealed the first title of the new series of the sci-fi favourite. In aid of Stranger Things day, the writers shared the first image of the new script on their Instagram page with the new title ‘Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.’ Here’s everything that fans need to know about what the image could reveal about the upcoming episode. Related articles Stranger Things season 4: Will Phoebe Cates appear in new series? Stranger Things season 4: Who are the four new characters? On Stranger Things day on November 6, the Stranger Things writers revealed a first look at season four. To mark this, they posted an image on Twitter and Instagram of the front of the first script for season four. The episode is written by the Duffer Brothers and entitled The Hellfire Club. The photo was captioned: “Looking for new members… are you in?” The cryptic image left many fans wondering just what The Hellfire Club was and what it could mean for the next outing. READ MORE: Stranger Things season 4: Who are the four new characters? Stranger Things season 4: ....

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