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Stranger Things
6 minutes ago Random Article Blend Netflix released Stranger Things Season 3 in July, and the season left viewers with many unanswered questions. The series also ended its third season on a somber note with some major changes for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the Byers, setting the stage for a very different Stranger Things Season 4. For a few months, Netflix and the Duffer brothers left Stranger Things fans in limbo, as they wondered if season 3 would signal the end of the series, or if Stranger Things Season 4 would go into production. In September, the series made its return official with an announcement and video. Since the Stranger Things Season 4 announcement, the team behind the megahit has been releasing little teasers of what to expect in Season 4. As this story will discuss plot points from Stranger Things Season 3, expect spoilers! [embedded content] Are There Any Trailers Or Teasers For Stranger Things Season 4? On September 30, Netflix released Stranger Things Season 4’s official renewal announcement with a 45-second teaser video. ....

Once the logo fully appears, we hear the sound of a creature, probably a Demogorgon, and then a flash of the Upside Down. The teaser ends with the sentence “We’re Not in Hawkins Anymore.” The phrase “We’re Not in Hawkins Anymore” could refer to the fact that Joyce (Winona Ryder), Will (Noah Schnapp), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), and Eleven all left Hawkins at the end of Stranger Things Season 3, and in Season 4, the Byers and Eleven will be exploring life outside of Indiana. It could also be referring to the possibility that Stranger Things Season 4 will explore other dimensions, like the Upside Down and beyond. When Does Stranger Things Season 4 Premiere? Netflix released the second season of Stranger Things 15 months after the first season, and Season 3 wasn’t released until 20 months after the second go-round. Stranger Things Season 4 could be released anywhere from a year to two years later, so between 2020 or 2021, at the latest. Reddit User Bloody Lollipops started a thread explaining clues that point to Netflix releasing the next season on April 3, 2020. Others believe it ....

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