The Walking Dead addresses Negan and Carl ‘plot hole’ comments –

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead has addressed a 'plot hole' related to Negan and Carl's relationship, after Rick's son was referenced in a recent episode. In season 10 episode 5 'What It Always Is', Negan is accompanied and idolised by an Alexandria member named Brandon. Brandon can't stop raving about Negan's time as the leader of the Saviors, and at one point excitedly brings up rumours that he killed Carl.
"I heard you made [Rick] cut his own kid's hand off, then you killed them, " Brandon says. "Carl Grimes, I heard you shot him." Jace DownsAMC Negan angrily interrupts Brandon: "I never did that... I would never kill a kid." It's clear that Negan was rather fond of Carl, but some viewers brought up a scene in season 7 episode 16 when Negan was about to kill Carl with his weapon of choice Lucille, as punishment. Gene Page/AMC The Walking Dead's official Twitter account took note of the comments and responded by quote-tweeting a post and writing: "We call that growth." Elsewhere, there's been a lot of speculation recently surrounding Siddiq. One theory suggests that Siddiq may have been forced to ....

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