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The Walking Dead
Which Disney princesses would survive on The Walking Dead? by Sara Large Judith is writing down what happens to the communities and her stories could be foreshadowing the future ending of The Walking Dead **Warning comic spoilers ahead.** In the midseason finale of The Walking Dead Judith mentioned to her mom Michonne that she was writing down everything that happened to them. Presumably she’s also written down the stories she’s been told about what happened before she was old enough to understand as well. Stories about her mother Lori, and stories about Carl. Stories of the journey of Rick Grimes and his rag tag group of survivors who became a family with an unbreakable bond that chronicle the long years after the world fell. But those stories could be more than just a personal history. When The Walking Dead comic ended earlier this year with the surprise death of Rick Grimes it ended with Carl Grimes reading his daughter stories of the legendary Rick Grimes and everything that he had done to try to save Carl and the others and save humanity too. Obviously, the TV show can’t follow that storyline since Carl was killed off in season 8. ....

But Judith could end up taking that storyline and reading her kids her own personal accounts of the Brave Man and all the other survivors. The Walking Dead has shown no signs of slowing down, and season 10 is the most popular season of the show in a long time. It’s been praised by critics and fans for an upgraded horror look, fantastic narrative arc, and Samantha Morton’s chilling portrayal of Alpha. So even though there’s no end in sight for the original show it’s poignant to think that Judith could take Carl’s place as the historian of all that happened so that the stories of love and loss are not lost as the world starts to shift back to some sort of civilization again. The Stories Matter There’s a poetic justice in the idea of Judith Grimes, the child born in the post-apocalypse world, being the one to curate the stories of her family and friends as they struggled to create a new world from the ashes of the old and faced enormous threats from the living and the dead. It’s comforting to think that the stories of those that we loved and lost wouldn’t be forgotten. There are ....

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