Politicians and developers have built a house of cards – Sydney Morning Herald

House of Cards
The Reserve Bank has blamed inefficient planning and zoning laws for adding about $450, 000 to the cost of an average Sydney home. We should blame the politicians who refuse to rezone land around railway stations for higher density development, rather than the planners who enforce land zoning. We should also blame the politicians who insist on building more infrastructure in well serviced corridors like that between Sydney and Parramatta, rather than expanding rail coverage in the metropolitan area and building fast rail to surrounding regions. - Peter Egan, Artarmon Chris Johnson unsurprisingly proclaims that all those supporting continued development and growth in this city are the real and only planners who can ensure the building blocks for a quality and affordable future. I have glimpsed a bit of Johnson's quality future as I witness his advocated growth in places such as Macquarie Park, Epping, Carlingford, Rhodes and so many other suburban precincts. It is a bleak and ugly one. - James Laukka, Epping The federal government breaches its international obligations by failing to extend anti-money laundering laws to funds going through trust accounts of real estate agents, lawyers and accountants ("How money launderers distort property prices", December 3). ....

This loophole that should have been closed years ago and has a distorting effect on property prices. I hope they apply the same blowtorch to themselves as they have applied to Westpac. - Penny Hackett, Willoughby It is now quite apparent that the continual reduction in the cash rate by the RBA has caused unintended consequences ("RBA feels pressure over home price rise", December 3). The Sydney property market reaction is only the beginning. Consumers have become extremely cautious, business investment has stalled. .

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