Game of Thrones ending shock: Sansa is ‘responsible’ for TWO Stark deaths not one – Express

Game of Thrones
No character had a greater or more surprising arc in the world of Westeros or beyond. Sure, many fans were upset and confused by Daenerys' sudden descent into rampaging mass-murdering madness. But the Targaryen heir had shown plenty of signs of her ruthlessness and willingness to spill plenty of blood to get what she wanted. Sansa, though. Sansa was possibly the most irritating and unsympathetic character at the start. By the end, she was an adored hero. .

But at what cost? Related articles Game of Thrones Book 6 'Winds of Winter coming THIS year' WHICH month? Game of Thrones: Did shock Book 2 scene reveal HOW Varys would die? In the books, the eldest Stark girl is even more infuriating, if that is even possible. Her obsession with being a proper lady and marrying a prince lead her down a disastrous route. She refuses to acknowledge Joffrey's true nature and is easily manipulated by Cersei. Her desperation to win the Lannister Queen's approval and her foolish resentment of her own family leads to Ned's betrayal and ultimately his death.  READ MORE: Game of Thrones Sansa will become the most POWERFUL person in Westeros Game of Thrones Sansa Stark (Image: HBO) Game of Thrones: Ned Stark's execution (Image: HBO ) READ MORE Star Wars 9 ending completely RIPPED OFF this Game of Thrones scene? One Stark down. And, no, it was not Sansa's intention. In fact, it started her very rude awakening to the true nature of the world, which was nothing like her girlish fantasies. Throughout the books and ....

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