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Game of Thrones
In many ways, Game Of Thrones turned out very similar to a traditional superhero comic book. The heroes gathered at Winterfell for a final battle against the Night King and his army of zombies in a climactic battle of good versus evil - with plenty of magic thrown in too.RELATED: Game Of Thrones: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About The Main Characters In other ways, however, the HBO fantasy drama was anything but a superhero story. Jon Snow, who had all the characteristics of a hero, was sidelined in the final season whereas Daenerys Targaryen went from feminist icon to Mad Queen. However, the characters of Game Of Thrones still have passionate fans who have re-imagined their heroes as potential comic-book counterparts. Here are ten GOT characters reimagined as superheroes. 10 Daenerys Targaryen as Jean Grey/The Phoenix Daenerys Targaryen shares several similarities with X-Men's Jean Grey. Both characters are immensely powerful - Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons and Jean is an omega level mutant - and they have erred between heroism and mass destruction. Whilst possessed with the Phoenix Force, Jean's powers are limitless and she is capable of unparalleled destruction. .

Daenerys' mentality is similarly unstable in the controversial final season, with the Dragon Queen unleashing dragonfire on the residents of King's Landing during "The Bells." 9 Jon Snow as Cyclops With Daenerys Targaryen as Jean Grey, it only makes sense to imagine Jon Snow as Cyclops. Jean and Cyclops are lovers and have been married in the comics and their romance is one of the most iconic relationships in Marvel Comics. Jon and Daenerys shared a similar love affair until the tragic events of the season finale. Jon also shares several qualities with Scott Summers. They are both strong leaders who have had to make difficult decisions and always strive to do what is right and honorable. 8 Arya Stark as Mystique Arya Stark initially shared some surprising similarities with Bruce Wayne. She was born into wealth as a member of House Stark before witnessing the brutal death of a parent and embarking on a dangerous training regime with mystical assassins. .

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