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Stranger Things
Harry Styles and Stranger Things were two of the greatest pop culture phenomenons of the 2010s. They didn’t cross paths much. One Direction were apparently too busy co-starring on iCarly to make time for Netflix shows. Cast members of Stranger Things have shared their opinions on One Direction and vice versa. Harry Styles in Los Angeles, California | Rich Fury/Getty Images for Spotify What does Finn Wolfhard think of Harry Styles? CapitalFM reports Finn Wolfhard was asked about One Direction in an interview with Heat. The interviewer asked “I don’t know if you’ve seen online, there’s been a lot of biopics being made, people would like you to play a young Harry Styles [in a One Direction biopic], what’s your reaction to that?” Wolfhard seemed surprised by the question. After all, Styles has a lot more living to do before his life seems ripe for a biopic. .

Wolfhard said “Isn’t that too early? But that’s cool, I kinda look like him.” Wolfhard had more nice things to say about Styles. “Yeah he’s awesome, I think he’s so talented, I also think he’s a good actor too.” Harry Styles performs onstage during Harry Styles: Live On Tour | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for HS Unlike other singers such as Cher, Elvis Presley, and Madonna, Styles hasn’t done too much acting. Wolfhard was likely referring to Styles’ role in Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama Dunkirk. Styles received acclaim for his performance in the film, as he was able to get audiences to forget his celebrity and accept him as a character. Finn Wolfhard’s co-star has never heard of One Direction Wolfhard’s co-star in The Turning, Brooklynn Prince, was there as well. She responded “I don’t [know who they are].” Fans were shocked that nine year-old Prince was unaware of the band. .

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