‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Boss on the Hospital Shakeup: ‘It Brings Everybody Home’ – Variety

Grey's Anatomy
SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the 13th episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 16, entitled “Save the Last Dance for Me.”It didn’t take long for Dr. Riley (Shoshannah Stern) to make a big splash on “Grey’s Anatomy.” With the doctors puzzled by Suzanne’s (Sarah Rafferty) illness, Riley proposed a radical solution: remove all the medication from her system so they could try and pinpoint what was wrong with the patient. The downside? It meant Suzanne would be getting a lot worse until they are able to diagnose her. “I think while Riley takes big, even crazy swings, she puts her entire being behind each one, ” Stern tells Variety. “It’s pretty clear that even with the medication, Suzanne is going to progressively get worse. While what Riley is suggesting is a massive risk, I think people in general may misunderstand her intentions and think she’s comfortable with taking them because she’s uncaring. I think she actually cares too much, and that’s why she’s kind of ruthless in sticking to the game plan.” Dr. .

Riley is “actually comfortable with being seen as the bad guy, ” Stern continues. “as long as the end result is in the patient’s favor.” And despite representing “Grey’s Anatomy’s” first deaf doctor, the writers weren’t afraid to have Riley make mistakes in her journey on the show. “We didn’t have to worry about that too much once we started understanding the work of a master diagnostician, ” showrunner Krista Vernoff explains. “Once the doctors on staff started talking to us about things like withdrawing all medications, we were like, ‘This has stakes. This character, win or lose, is masterful and this is high stakes because of because of what she has to do.’” The drama is also using Riley’s time on the show to “utilize brand new cutting edge technologies, some of which you’re going to see in the next episode, ” Vernoff shares. “[The tools], I believe, are paving a path for more and more hearing impaired people to become doctors and get to thrive in a traditional hospital environment. .

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