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Grey's Anatomy
Save the Last Dance for Me Season 16 Episode 13 Editor’s Rating 2 stars ** Photo: Ali Goldstein/ABC Ah, midseason Grey’s Anatomy. It’s that time of year where there are some moments of gripping drama, but mostly episodes are laying track for big things to come toward the end of the season. We’re treading water again, and in “Save the Last Dance for Me” you could really feel it. Take the Amelia–Link paternity debacle (YES WE HAVE TO). Amelia, in all her maturity and non-tumor-ness (wait, remember when Grey’s blamed all of Amelia’s irrational actions on her tumor? But then they removed it and she’s basically the same? LOL, so cute), has taken to avoiding Link altogether while they wait for paternity results. Poor Link is just wandering around like a sad puppy waiting to find out if he’s going to be a father or not — as is his right, by the way — and Amelia is acting like this is all about her. Yes, of course that tracks, but that doesn’t make it fun to watch. .

She calls Link for a meeting in the plant room and pretty much tells him that he needs to figure out what he’s going to do if the baby ends up being Owen’s right that very minute. “You said you love me, is that true?” she asks. This is such manipulative bullshit because hi, hello, he can love her and also be upset that this baby isn’t his. Both things could be true, and where is a sister or two to come talk some sense into this lady when you need one? She especially needs a patented Meredith Grey speech about not being so Amelia about things by the end of the episode, because just as we think we’re going to get the paternity results, Amelia texts Link and tells him she hasn’t even run the test yet. She can’t. .

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