Stranger Things: Is the End Closer Than We Thought? – TV Fanatic

Stranger Things
Netflix is reportedly closing in on an end date for Stranger Things.  We Got This Covered is reporting that the streamer is planning to split the previously ordered fourth season in two parts.  Rumors have been rife that Stranger Things Season 4 will be the last for the global phenomenon, and taking the split season approach could confirm that.  With the cast locked in for the fourth season, it's possible that the decision to extend the season in place of a fifth could allow Netflix to sign up the stars at their current rates.  However, it has been teased that both parts of the fourth season will be following the same storyline which would present a continuing narrative despite a break.  This could indicate that more episodes were required to bring the narrative to a satisfying conclusion. Then again, this is only a report, and Netflix could opt to extend the series for several seasons.  However, the Duffer Brothers, who make Stranger Things, have been vocal about not wanting the series to continue for much longer, and it makes sense.  Many shows continue much longer than they should, and Stranger Things clearly has a ....

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