Watch DeLuca Struggle to Save An Incurable Patient on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16: Spoiler Alert – Newsweek

Grey's Anatomy
Dr. Andrew DeLuca is facing a serious dilemma. The Grey Sloan Memorial doctor will find himself at a crossroads on the upcoming Season 16 episode of Grey's Anatomy—airing on Thursday night—and it could very well cost a patient her life. The synopsis for episode 13, titled, "Save the Last Dance for Me, " hinted at DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) struggling to save his patient Suzanne (Sarah Rafferty), a young mother who is suffering from an incurable ailment. The surgical resident can't seem to pinpoint the root of Suzanne's sickness, and her health continues to worsen. Giacomo Gianniotti appears as Dr. Andrew DeLuca on "Grey's Anatomy." Season 16, episode 13 airs on ABC on February 13, 2020. ABC/Ali Goldstein With Suzanne's life on the line, DeLuca will have turn to an outside resource for help. His crusade to save his patient will lead him to "diagnostics genius, " Dr. .

Lauren Riley, played by Shoshannah Stern. Since Season 16 of Grey's Anatomy returned from winter break, DeLuca's primary focus has been to find a cure for his patient Suzanne. The widow, who lost her husband due to an unknown illness, first arrived at the fictional Seattle hospital for a routine appendectomy. However, the operation has since developed into a life-threatening situation for Suzanne, who is now suffering from a slew of mysterious symptoms. Elsewhere in the hospital, Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) will be dealing with a different kind of problem when the Station 19 firefighters arrive with three runaways. In an episode sneak peek, the oldest of the foster children, Joey (Noah Alexander Gerry), is rushed to the hospital after suffering a head injury while his little brother and sister reveal they ran away from home after their adopted father was arrested out of fear that authorities would separate them. When Joey regains consciousness in the clip, his first concern is the whereabouts of his siblings. .

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