Meredith’s “Pro Bono Day” turns into a disaster in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ sneak peek – Newsweek

Grey's Anatomy
Chaos is on the horizon for the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. On the upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy, airing on Thursday, the hospital staff will be turned upside down after their efforts to do a few good deeds go terribly wrong. 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Disappointed By Alex Karev's Farewell Episode Read more Episode 18, titled "Give a Little Bit, " kicks off with some of the surgeons gearing up for a day of service that Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) calls "Pro Bono Surgery Day." The special event is the hospital's way of doing good for the community and providing those who are less fortunate with the medical care they need most, free of charge. Meredith is so excited to begin work, she can barely make time to give her team of charitable doctors the pep talk she had planned. "Welcome to Pro Bono Surgery Day. I appreciate you all rearranging your schedules to be here, " she says in the episode sneak peek. "I would make a speech, but we don't really have the time." Down in the ER waiting room, people are flooding the hospital, waiting to be serviced. And it doesn't take long before ....

Only adding to Meredith's stress, Dr. Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) is constantly breathing down her neck. "Get a handle on your operation, Grey. These people are about to riot, " he snapped. It seems that calling it a riot is an understatement, as a "code violet" alarm begins blaring through the halls of the hospital. Some unruly patient has apparently gotten physical with one of the doctors, but who could it be? Ellen Pompeo as Dr. .

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