Stranger Things fans notice major flaw with Demogorgons’ powers from Upside Down spanning back to season 1 – The Sun

Stranger Things
STRANGER Things’ legions of monsters bring major fear factor to the Netflix sci-fit hit, but in many ways they remain shrouded in mystery. The beasties first emerged from the Upside Down – a sinister alternative world – in season 1 and have remained a staple on the show ever since. 4 Eleven goes toe-to-toe with the Demogorgon in season 1Credit: Netflix However, upon revisiting some of the earlier episodes, fans have noticed some inconsistencies with the ferocious creatures. Named after the gang’s favourite opponent in Dungeons & Dragons, the Demogorgon, the first of the Upside Down spawn breaks into Hawkins and wastes no time terrorising the locals. However, viewers have complained that at no point is a motive made clear for the rampage. What’s more, the source of their powers, as well as their applications, are rarely consistent. 4 In season 3 the Mind Flayer rears its headCredit: NETFLIX Reddit user VisibleEntry4 asked fellow fans: “Why did the demogorgon attack Will? “I’m so confused after my fourth rewatch, I still don’t have an answer except that he said that the Demogorgon got him.”  The post was flooded with upvotes and messages of agreement ....

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