‘The Walking Dead’ Review: ‘What We Become’ Offers Minimal Effort for Essential Developments – IndieWire

The Walking Dead
Let’s be clear: “What We Become” would be a bad episode of “The Walking Dead” even if it didn’t turn out to be the final in-series appearance of one of the show’s most enduring and beloved characters. It’s dull and lifeless, with no character development to speak of, and its centerpiece is an extended, drama-free hallucination that serves no obvious purpose. What’s more, it’s got a stock antagonist who serves exclusively as a plot device to get Michonne from point A to point B, with point B being the Rick Grimes Sunday Mystery Movies. Unfortunately, that journey is utterly tedious and lacks any sense of import. Virgil (Kevin Carroll) is quickly revealed to be a standard “driven mad by the death of his family” character who’s brought Michonne to his facility to do what he can’t and kill off his zombified wife and children. Michonne, rightfully suspicious of this obvious weirdo, snoops around a bit and gets quickly locked in a cell by Virgil, next to some other island residents he’s also been keeping prisoner. Turns out Virgil regularly ingests hallucinogens (in this case jimsonweed) to see his dead family and figures that Michonne’s in pain and could use a ....

This is when things go from rote to dire. Related Related First, she imagines Siddiq — complete with half-baked “trippy” effects — who accuses her of letting him and many others die. Nothing groundbreaking here, but Michonne having lingering guilt about letting Dante infiltrate Alexandria at least makes logical sense. Then things take a turn. Michonne dreams up an entire alternate timeline, kicking off with her refusing to save Andrea way back in Season 2, which leads to her becoming Negan’s second-in-command and eventually getting killed by Daryl and Rick. All of this is conveyed by awkwardly inserting Danai Gurira into scenes from old episodes, including the Ricketeers’ initial attack on the Saviors (remember when our heroes murdered a bunch of people in their sleep?) and Negan’s introduction when he beat a few cast members to death, only this time Michonne gets to do the honors. .

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