Grey’s Anatomy: All Of Mark Sloan’s Relationships, Ranked – Screen Rant

Grey's Anatomy
The halls of Grey Sloan Memorial have been filled with beautiful, funny and generally adorable relationships since day one of Grey's Anatomy. Sometimes, however, it's fun to watch the doctors get it on for a quick, hot make-out session in an on-call room. For these reasons, Mark Sloan endeared himself to fans, proving himself capable of forming meaningful connections as well as possessing an uncanny ability to make anyone go weak at the knees.RELATED: Grey's Anatomy: 10 Of Mark Sloan's Best Quotes On the other hand, not all of Mark's trysts went down well with viewers, and some of them definitely left a sour taste. One thing we can all be sure of though is that there's a reason why Meredith christened him 'McSteamy'. We've ranked his relationships to see which pairing came out on top. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view Start Now 10 Leah Murphy's Mom There's no hiding the fact that out of all of Season 9's new interns, Leah Murphy was the least popular. She was whiny, stroppy and she wasn't afraid to hide the fact ....

That particular relationship led to viewers having to put up with Dr. Murphy for 2 whole years. 9 Reed Adamson Although her eventual fate was undoubtedly tragic, Reed Adamson was not an especially popular character during her time on Grey's. Like many of the other Mercy West residents, she was irritating and, unlike April and Jackson, she never got the opportunity to explore beyond her two-dimensional personality. RELATED: Grey's Anatomy: 25 Things Wrong With Mark Sloan We All Choose To Ignore Instead, she became the woman that picked fights with certain cancer-ridden doctors and slept her way around the hospital, including Alex Karev. However, when she hooked up with Mark, it put an end to the short but sweet romance he had with Teddy. Admittedly, both parties were at fault here but still. 8 The Nurses During his early days on Grey's Anatomy, Mark also did more than his fair share of sleeping around. .

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