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Grey's Anatomy
Season 16 Episode 3 Editor's Rating 3 stars ***** Photo: ABC Let’s talk about several things that went down on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy that are bothering me. I am basically the phrase “Get off my lawn!” That’s how bothered I am! First: It was very exciting to see some of our favorite witchy sisters from Charmed, Piper and Phoebe (Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano), reunite on Grey’s as part of ABC’s “Cast From the Past” stunt. Here, they are estranged sisters Heidi and Haylee (because of course!) who arrive at Pac-North when their third sister (Heather, naturally) falls 30 feet and is declared brain-dead. The two sisters fighting over how to handle it and then finally coming together and mending fences in the end, as they take their sister off life support, is a nice story — until Heidi gets a call from Heather and they learn that the woman Webber just unhooked from life support is not their sister, but a woman who stole their sister’s wallet. You guys, this is played for laughs! I mean, Alex talks about it being bad for the hospital, but mostly, ....

Anyway: bothered. Also bothering me: THE QADRI THING. Like, are you kidding me, Qadri? You get upset that Meredith Grey is fired and can’t do a supercool surgery on an old patient of hers even though you still get to scrub in on said surgery with Jo, who is, according to some, also a very good surgeon? You roll your eyes at Jo and Bailey, your superiors, every time they mention that Meredith is gone and also not the Second Coming? You give sass DURING THE SURGERY because Meredith Grey is merely videoconferencing in from the community service she has been ordered by the court to do because she committed insurance fraud? You cry out in the hallway because you only came to Grey Sloan for Meredith and now she’s gone? TO BAILEY? And you insult every other doctor in that hospital? Oh, Qadri, you idiot. Do not act surprised that Bailey fires you on the spot. You deserve it, and also there are way too many characters on this show. .

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