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Grey's Anatomy
Spoilers ahead for Grey's Anatomy Season 16. Just two episodes after breaking up with Maggie, Jackson and Station 19 firefighter Vic Hughes are officially a thing on Grey’s Anatomy. If fans never totally bought into the whole Jaggie pairing (you know, the whole step siblings and all) perhaps Vackson will be a little more their speed — because these two are hot, hike together, have great banters and, despite their best attempts, will not take things slowly. Maggie is a wonderful person, and perhaps Jackson is moving on a bit too fast for some her fans but he’s so much more closely aligned with Vic it seems. Jackson and Maggie always seemed to be pushing and pulling at each other — and definitely did not share the same interests. With Vic it seems more natural. They have the same hobbies, like hiking, and Vic also suffered a huge tragedy in her life when her fiancé passed away last season on Station 19. .

Jackson has also suffered a lot, especially through his and April's loss. He's moodier than Maggie, but Vic seems to get it. Grey’s Anatomy viewers who do not watch Station 19 may not know Vic as intimately as they knew Maggie, but she’s just as easy to love. It's also far away enough from Japril drama that Vic can be welcomed with open arms. Fans were unhappy with the Maggie/Jackson storyline because they were technically step siblings and also because it seemed like Jackson gave up on him and April way, way too soon. Things are sure to remain complicated with Maggie and Jackson still because — duh — they work together and it's bound to make for good television. Eric McCandless/ABC Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff told Entertainment Tonight that the Maggie/Jackson breakup was a "long time coming" and that Maggie and Jackson getting to a place where they can get along and be civil also won't happen anytime soon. .

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